Give Attractive Shape to Your Body by Bariatric Surgery

People who are suffering from obesity lose the defining features of their figure. Overweight people get depressed easily because they do not have a proportionate physical appearance. Due to this, they also suffer from anxiety and other related diseases. Their fattiness destroys their natural features and makes them feel under-appreciated and less desirable.

For this reason, people with excess fat do not have self-confidence and mental strength. They easily get affected by the comments of other people on their oversized physique. Additionally, it is a well-accepted fact that excess weight can affect the overall health of the person and requires immediate action. To manage the problem of the increased number of obese people, they try and change their food habits and exercise habits, sometimes, going to the extreme. But, the results are not always satisfactory, leading to the endless loop of guilt and depression. Sometimes the fight against the bulge requires the help of a doctor or surgeon.

How To Deal With Obesity?

When lifestyle changes do not prove enough for someone, it is time to think about Bariatric surgery. It is a type of medical treatment that requires an operation in which the shape of the overweight person gets treated in a well-equipped medical facility.

Who Can Undergo This Treatment?

Bariatric treatment is the safest and most effective way to lose bodyweight and excess fat if an experienced surgeon at a reputed hospital is chosen. For instance, one can find the best Bariatric surgeon in Delhi and start the treatment if the condition calls for it. People with obesity problem must plan to change the lifestyle and say yes to all the healthy habits before taking this treatment. The surgery can bring in the required transformation, but maintaining it is a commitment from the patient.

Pattern Of Bariatric Surgery

There are two different patterns of surgeries in this bariatric category of treatment. These are the mal-absorptive and restrictive weight loss.

Mal-absorptive one aims to reduce the size of the overall stomach, and this involves bypass surgery of your small intestine. Through this treatment, the food eaten gets partially absorbed into the body.

The restrictive weight loss solution is the method that involves decreasing the size of the stomach so that a person can eat only small amounts of food at one time.

These surgeries involve isolating parts of the stomach, and through this process, a patient gets to eat less as compared to earlier. As your body starts taking less meal, you get to lose weight and maintain the desired physiques.

Types Of Bariatric Surgery

  • Adjustable gastric banding
  • Vertical sleeve gastrectomy
  • Roux-en-gastric bypass
  • Biliopancreatic diversion

Depending upon patient requirement, the form of surgery is chosen. Every type has its own advantages and certain side effects. Depending upon the patient’s condition and physical requirements, the doctor will recommend the best treatment type. To know more about Bariatric surgery in Delhi, consult with the renowned hospital to know which treatment will best suit you or your loved one.

Process of Treatment

In most of the super-speciality hospitals, this treatment is done with the help of either laparoscopic or robotic technology. It enables the patient to have a shorter stay in the hospital.

Since this process changes the process of digestion inside the body, it helps to lose weight fast and effectively. When the food particles reach the duodenum, the process of digestion becomes much faster after reacting with the pancreatic juices. But bariatric surgery stops this from happening and reduces the intake of calories from the food eaten. Thus the patient stops gaining weight.

Consulting with a nutritionist or dietician to ensure you are getting the right calories and other nutrients are necessary. It is necessary to determine the healthy living conditions of the body even when someone is trying to lose weight.

Bottom Line

The results of this form of surgery may vary from patient to patient. More than anything, one has to be very careful about the post-surgery care. Make sure that you follow the advice made by your doctor after the surgery.

So if you are planning to get rid of that fat tummy or get the figure you want, go for bariatric surgery from an expert surgeon.

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