Fortis Escorts Heart Institute for Special Medical Care Services for Cardiac Problems

The numbers of heart patients are increasing in India due to lifestyle changes, obesity, genes, high blood pressure, and lack of physical activities. On the other hand, the symptoms of the cardiac disorder may vary from one person to another person and one should know how to control them effectively for leading a trouble-free life. Nowadays, advanced treatments are available for cardiac problems allowing patients to accomplish their goal in life with high success rates. There are several multispecialty hospitals which cover cardiac disorders to patients with cutting-edge applications including robotic surgery thereby showing ways to lower pains and other problems to a large extent. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi is a topmost hospital in India which offers the best cardiac services to patients with the most advanced technologies. In fact, it is the largest private cardiac hospital in the Asia Pacific region that aims at offering world-class treatment for heart disorders.

Another thing is that it specializes in treating cardiac problems of children and adults with the latest technologies thereby showing ways to obtain optimal results. Moreover, it acts as a pioneer in the field of cardiac care in India enabling patients to get solutions for heart disorders with high success rates.

About Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in New Delhi 

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in New Delhi is well-equipped with modern amenities and features allowing patients to undergo world-class treatments. Some other services available in the hospital include radio imaging, nuclear medicine, physiotherapy, and neurology with highly qualified medical teams and staffs. The heart alert service introduced by the hospital is a milestone in cardiac care because it provides an expert ECG interpretation within minutes when a patient faces any chest complaints or symptoms. It has over 200 cardiac specialists and 1.600 support staffs who take care of heart patients with more attention. 

It even organizes community welfare programs in various parts of India to create awareness about cardiac care through free check-up camps. Besides that, the hospital is the first one in the Asia Pacific that performed the multi-layered flow modulator surgery. Top doctors in the hospital will work closely with the patients to understand their problems in detail. Another thing is that they recommend a treatment procedure for patients based on their symptoms and other conditions. The hospital is the right destination for those who want to get high-quality treatments at the best prices.

Facilities available in the hospital 

The hospital houses 285 beds and has the most advanced laboratories which carry out a variety of tasks. It covers 24/7 patient monitoring, intensive medical records, audio-visuals, smart alert system, assessment, excellent support, and interventional services to patients enabling them to get the desired outcomes. Moreover, patients can easily access the hospital because it is nearer to the airport and metro station. Budget hotels, guest rooms, shopping malls, and pharmacy services are available near the hospital allowing patients to reach them in quick turnaround time.

Apart from that, it offers online consultations services for patients who want to know more about treatment services and other things in detail. Ultra-modern facilities are available for the guests who want to stay in the hospital. Some of them include free Wi-Fi, laundry, family accommodation, health insurance coordination, medical travel insurance, foreign currency exchange, restaurant, diet on request, and so on. The hospital specializes in offering medical tourism services to international patients at the best prices that contribute more to reduce medical expenses. At the same time, it is advisable to know whether it accepts medical insurance or not before scheduling a trip.

Knowing more about medical tourism services

Anyone who wants to know more about medical tourism services offered by Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi Doctor List can send complete details about them including medical records for evaluation purposes. The hospital will recommend the right type of treatment for patients based on the medical records sent by patients. On the other hand, it is advisable to select a reputed medical tourism website for gathering more information about doctors and other things. This will make the job an easy one that gives ways to meet essential needs while undergoing treatment in a hospital. Also, the hospital guides patients to get more ideas about the options available in treatment including payments.

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