Football Traditions of Top 10 Teams

Football is no less than a religion in various countries around the world. College football is fun and certain traditions followed by the teams are even more interesting. These traditions create an emotional bond between players and fans. If you are a football fan, then you must know about some exciting traditions that are an indelible part of football matches.

Have a look at the top football traditions followed by different teams:

  1. Clemson: Clemson Tigers represent Clemson University in the American Football. The Tigers fans rush onto the field after every match. Coaches and players gel together, take photographs and even sign autographs. This celebration is a tradition, whether the team wins or loses the match. You can also take part in these traditions by watching the match live in the stadium. The tickets can be purchased online at Live Football Tickets, Ticketmaster, etc.
  2. Alabama: It is a football team of University of Alabama. According to the tradition, the fans start singing a song in the middle of the game and everyone joins them. Classic song “Dixieland Delight” has some inappropriate words in the interlude. When the team sung this song during the match, it was very harsh for the rivals Auburn. So, this gained a lot of attention.
  3. Georgia: This team has a popular tradition known as “Light Up Sanford”. In this tradition, everyone turns on the flashlight of the cellphones. It is done before the initiation of fourth quarter. It is a moment to cherish when Redcoat Band plays signature “Krypton Fanfare song.
  4. Oklahoma: The Sooner Schooner is the official mascot of this team. It is an integral part of this college football team. According to the tradition, this mascot comes running to the field and almost touches 50-yard line after every score from the team.
  5. Notre Dame: This team represents the University of Notre Dama, Indiana. It is a tradition that this company does not install its sign “Play Like A Champion Today” at the locker room’s exit. But you can find the sign on the placards at the field in the hands of the fans. The Irish tap the blue and gold placard and show their support.
  6. Michigan: This team follows a tradition of wearing blue painted helmet with maize winged design of bright color. It is one of the most quickly recognized uniform designs. Coach Fritz Crisler started this tradition as he thought that bright colors would make them stand out in the match crowd.
  7. Florida: Florida Gators football team has a tradition to start every home game with a loud cheer saying “Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar. All for the Gators, stand up and holler!”. George Edmondson used these lines to lift the mood of his team against The Citadel who was lowering down their morale.
  8. Oregon: It is a premier soccer team for men. This team follows a unique tradition. Before every match inside Autzen Stadium, a giant duck arrives riding Harley-Davidson. Sometimes, it just waves the hand and sometimes it even holds the flag.
  9. Washington: Fans of this team are very excited when it comes to celebrating football tradition. Before every match, the football lovers in huge numbers gather at Union Bay near Husky Stadium and enjoy aquatic party.
  10. Wisconsin: Now, this is fun! After every third quarter of the game at Camp Randall Stadium, the song “Jump Around” starts. The students in the crowd start singing and jumping on the song for at least two minutes. This sight is a treat for every football fan.

Traditions followed by different teams are ways to express their love for this game. Singing, partying, enjoying with lucky mascots can be an enthralling experience. You must participate in these traditions to experience the excitement of live matches. You can browse through Don’tPayAll to get the football coupons which can be helpful in big savings on tickets.

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