Details of Kheerganga Trekking Trip

Details of Kheerganga Trekking Trip

With the summer season and our plans to beat the summer heat, we all are trying to find the best destinations with a fantastic climate. Therefore, the place which tops our list is Kheerganga Trek. If you are searching for a place that will give you immense natural beauty and peace during your trip, then Kheerganga Trek is a wise choice.

If you have already planned your trip to this exotic and adventurous destination, then this blog will guide you through the details one should keep in mind before traveling.

Pack your bag with all the important things

It is very important to pack all the necessary things, which one needs during the trekking and at the same time also keep in mind not to overload the things in your bag pack. Below listed are some of the most important things a person should pack-

  1. Pick a comfortable pair of shoes

Since the Kheerganga trek route is very tough and that of advanced level, one should always make sure to pack the most comfortable footwear (preferably shoes).

  1. Keep a check on the emergency medicines and first-aid kit

It is always very much important to carry emergency medicines and first-aid kit on trekking. It is because the trees are not that easy going and physically challenging as well. Hence, one should always pack these two to avoid any major health problems or injury.

  1. Keep proper camping material and equipment

It is quite obvious that if one is going on a trek, then he/she would be carrying proper camping material and equipment such as tent, torch and many others.

  1. Always make sure to carry emergency instant-food

When a person is on the trek, there are high chances of not coming across the restaurant or café. Therefore, each traveler should carry along some instant-foods to satisfy their hunger during the trek.

  1. Proper itinerary

Irrespective of the fact that how well you have planned your trek or how short it is, having an itinerary is always the best option to stick with. This will also help to make the whole trip hassle free and extremely comfortable.

Best time to camp on Kheerganga Trek

One of the best qualities about Kheerganga is that a person can visit this place who-year-round. However, the best months to visit here are from April to November. The winters are chilly in Himachal Pradesh. Therefore, one should avoid coming here in peak winter months as snowfall will result in the blocking of trekking tracks.


It is always a good option to plan an outing to a distant place after a specific period of time as it will refresh one’s mood and energy. If you have decided to go for Kheerganga Trek, this vacations, it is advised to all the travelers to hire a professional traveling agency that could assist them will all the transportation and hotel booking at a cheaper and profitable price. Getting everything planned and managed by the professionals will only make your trip more easy and comforting.


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