All you need to know about a CT Scan; CT scan Centre in Bangalore

All you need to know about a CT Scan; CT scan Centre in Bangalore

The human body is composed of various components, which, when function together, makes the human body work. The tiniest of these components is a cell, which is the basic unit of life. Several of thousands of these cells combine to form a muscle. Muscle fibres combine to form tissues. Many tissues work together in the form of organs, and then these organs form the systems inside the human body, which when function together in the correct manner.

What is the difference between internal and external injuries?

Usually, they do their work very efficiently, but every once in a blue moon, a person goes through certain unwanted situations which may damage his body as well. Although people do panic and get worried about an external injury as well, an internal injury is a much big reason to worry about. Outer injuries are pretty much-taken care of by the body itself. Whether it is a cut, bruise or a wound, or even some minor degree burns are healed by the body itself, but all this is possible when the internal organs are working properly. It is very difficult for the body to heal internal injuries, and the same takes a lot of time. For example, a cut of your palm takes approximately five to ten days to heal whereas a broken bone takes more than a month to heal.

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Why are internal injuries a bigger reason to worry?

  • They are not easily detectable. It is quite obvious that you would not be able to tell something is wrong or inappropriate without having a look at it.
  • They do not learn the person in the very initial days of their development. If you have one of those, you would probably get to know when it turns into something serious
  • The body itself is very smart. It does not let you know of any ailment it has. It tries to fight and cure it
  • Internal injuries are often incurable without certain external help

How can you detect an internal injury?

In the very recent days of its development, medical science was not as advanced as it is now. There was no way to tell what kind of ailment a person has inside his body, unless and until he or she has certain symptoms. There were no ways of finding out the injury. The only solution available was the general treatment available. With the advancement of technology, more accurate and precise instruments were developed that could tell the ailment you have. Now you can even tell which part of a bone is broken and where exactly to apply external support to rekindle the bone back into its position and grow the right way.

The following are the more developed ways of detection of internal injuries:

  • X-rays. They are generally used to detect any broken bones a person might have
  • MRI. These are the advances version of X-rays. They can give more precise results
  • CT scan is the most advanced method of detecting the internal injuries that one might have.

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How does a CT scan work?

It is one of the most advanced methods, and likely, it is costly as well. Usually, these scans are used to find abnormalities in the tissues. A person who is advised to undergo a ct scan has to stay empty stomached usually. The person is made to lie down on a movable bed kind of a thing. Then this movable bed is shifted a cylindrical machine that is supposed to throw X-rays at you from all possible angles. The whole aim here is to get a clearer image of the organs of your body. The emitter revolves around the body, emitting the X-rays. And then there is a computerized device, that records of the patterns of the reflected ray, and forms the image later. It is with the help of this image that the doctors detect the injury and guide you accordingly for the medication.

What can all be detected using a CT scan?

  • People use CT scans for abnormalities that have been detected in X-rays or Ultrasounds.
  • It can be used to evaluate the various parts of the brain
  • It can be used to detect the growth of lumps o nodes in the human body
  • Abdominal CT scans are the most common forms. A person is advised to get one when he has a complaint of acute pain in any section of the stomach or abdominal area.
  • CT scans are used to diagnose sinus-related problems that one might be going through
  • They are also used to detect a narrowing or obstruction in the several pathways of the  body

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Risks and side effects of a CT scan?

  • One gets exposed to an electromagnetic field, which is a thousand times stronger than that of the earth. And the radiations in those fields are not good for the human tissues and organs
  • The chances of developing cancer increases if you go through frequent CT scans
  • The general side effects include itching and uneasy feeling

Where can you get a CT scan done?

While it should not be undergone without the advice of a regular doctor, CT scans are done by large machines which are extremely costly and difficult to maintain. Pathologies are what people generally go to for getting their CT scans done. There are always certainly trusted and even government-approved firms that help people get their scans done at subsidized rates. Especially in metro cities, it is very easy to get your scans done, and they even provide the report in times. Several companies pursue this as their social responsibility; they offer people discounts for ct scan bangalore. One shall not worry when it comes to all these things. Medical science has methods to cure ailments, once they are detected, so it is very important to get them diagnosed and detected.


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